Best Comics of 2021

Best comics of 2021

After my pleasant experiences judging the Eisner and Harvey Awards, I have a habit of keeping track of the best comics as the year progresses. It helps me frame things, and is also a good resource looking back – and in case I get asked about the best comics of a given year are.

And once again, I have been asked – by Newsarama/GamesRadar+. I’m thankful to GamesRadar+ feature editor Josh West for inviting me to write this, and I’m quite proud of the results.

Check out my best comics of 2021 listicle.

Following the publication of this piece, Brad and Lisa of the podcast Comic Book Couples Counseling invited me to take part in their two-part podcast talking with myself and others about the best comics of the year.

In addition to that top 10, the other works that made my shortlist for the year include Tono Monogatari (Shigeru Mizuki), Asadora! (Naoki Urasawa), Cyclopedia Exotica (Aminder Dhaliwal), Nightwing (Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo), Eternals (Kieron Gillen and Esad Ribic), Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters (Chris & Laura Samnee), White (Kwanza Osajyefo, Jamal Igle, Khary Randolph, and Tim Smith 3), Hands Off Eizouken (Sumito Oowara), Tunnels (Rutu Modan), Kaiju No. 8 (Naoya Matsumoto), Unimpressed (Miranda Tacchia), Barbalien: Red Planet (Tate Brombal and Gabriel Walta), and Thirsty Mermaids (Kate Leyh).






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